Guide for the submission of abstracts

Download guide for the submission of abstracts and Abstract Format



  • Only originals in English that have not been yet published in scientific journals or in previous congresses will be accepted.
  • The same author cannot submit more than three communications.
  • It is recommended to take into account the topics suggested in this document.
  • The communications can only be sent using the attached form: Abstract format to . Once sent, they can no longer be modified in terms of content, nor as to authorship. In the “subject” of the message will be recorded the word “Abstract”.
  • The abstract will be sent in English language.
  • Within 72 hours of sending a communication, it is expected you should receive an acknowledgment of receipt. If you do not receive it, notify it to the Congress Technical Secretariat.


            The deadline for the acceptance of communications will be 15th April 2017.

Authors’ details

  • Up to a maximum of 6 authors, identified, according to international publication procedures, by the surname and initial of the name.
  • The person submitting the communication will be identified as the first author and it is mandatory he/she is registered in the congress in the moment of its lecture; failing that, it could be presented by the one whose name is highlighted in the summary and is considered responsible.

Communication’s Assessment

  • All sent communications will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.
  • Scientific Committee will analyses the received proposals and will select, among them, those accepted and the way of presentation, oral or e-Poster.
  • The content will be evaluated ignoring the authors and the IEC of origin.
  • The authors’ preferences regarding the type of presentation will be considered.
  • Once evaluated, the first author will be informed of their acceptance and way of presentation.
  • The Scientific Committee will notify their acceptance, either as an oral communication or as a e-Poster, by 22th April.
  • In case of being accepted as oral communication will indicate the time of the presentation.

Conference Communications Book

  • The complete and final text of the selected communications will be published in a book that will be delivered together with the Conference documentation.
  • The order of appearance of the authors in the publication will be the same in which they have been entered in the summary.
  • The full text must be sent in Word file. Maximum length will be of 20.000 characters (with spaces included) and will conform to the following style norms:
  • Type and size: arial 12 and double-spacing
  • The following shall be used: upper and left: 3 cm, bottom and right: 2 cm.

– The full text must be submitted to the Scientific Committee before 30 April, in electronic format.

Presentation of communications/ e-posters

The presentation at the Congress will be made by who is the first author, or the one whose name is highlighted in the summary and is considered responsible. In any case, its inscription in the Congress is mandatory.

Oral communications: the time available for the presentation of oral communications will be 7 minutes. Three additional minutes will be available for discussion. You can accompany your exposure with a power-point presentation. The date and hour will be indicated in advance to the Congress.

e-PostersThe poster will be presented on paper and will be displayed in the hall of the auditorium. Instructions will be given at the registration office.

Nominations for awards

The Scientific Committee will give an award to the best communication.