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Programme EUREC-ANCEI 2017 Conference

Wednesday the 17th May 2017

Studies with minors and adolescents or children on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder: Results and ethical Challenges of the IMAGEMEND project

8.00 – 9.00: Registration

9.00-9.15: Elmar Doppelfeld (Chair): Introduction

9.15-10.00: Marcella Rietschel/Jana Strohmaier: The IMAGEMEND Project and its Delphi studies on attitudes and ethical views of patients, relatives, health care professionals in IMAGEMEND

  • Discussion

10.00-10.45: Christina Hultman: From clinical data to population-based direct recruitment: The beauty and hardship of register data recruitment

  • Discussion

10.45-11.00: Coffee Break

11.15-12:00: Jan Buitelaar: Data collection of minors in Research in IMAGEMEND

  • Discussion

12.00-12.45: Dirk Lanzerath: Ethical issues on testing children and challenges for RECs

  • Discussion

13.00-14.50: Lunch Break

15.00-15.45: Javier Arias-Diaz: Biobanks and Data Protection

  • Discussion

15.45-16.30: Panel

16.30-16.45: Coffee Break

16.45-17.00: Elmar Doppelfeld (Chair of EUREC) & Dirk Lanzerath (Secretary General of EUREC) Report on recent developments of EUREC 

17.00-17.30: Albena Kuyumdzhieva (European Commission) Information Technologies and Ethics in Medical Research

17.30-18.00: Rok Benčin (Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenija) Ethics assessment and guidance in social sciences and humanities: Findings of the SATORI project

18.00-18.20: Panagiotis Kavouras (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) Towards a unified ethics assessment procedure for non medical research in Greece

18.20-18.30: Elmar Doppelfeld (Chair of EUREC) Final Remarks 

18.30: End of EUREC Ordinary General Meeting (public part)

18.30-18.50: EUREC General Assembly (only for members)


Thursday the 18th May 2017 

8.00-9:00: Registration

9.00–9.30: Opening and Welcoming

9.40-10.15: Opening Main Lecture. Meaningfulness and implications of the Research Ethics Committees IndependenceProf. Gianni Tognini

10.30-10.50: Coffee Break

10.50–12.20: First Round Table “The impact of the new UE Regulation  36/2014  on the RECs of different European countries. Description, pros, cons, surfeits and deficits”

  • Moderator: César Hernández – Director of AEMPS
  • Speakers:
    • Sylvie Hansel Esteller (France)
    • Marina Ferri (Italy)
    • Joerg Hasford (Germany)
    • Jozef Glasa (Slovaquia)

12.20-13.00: Q & A

13.00-14.15: Lunch

14.15-15.45: Second Round Table “What kind of REC can fit in Europe?” May be a principialist ethic for healthcare, a mertonian one for universities and an utilitarist ethic for clinical trials of pharmaceutical industry? The European REC should be a hospital/institutional REC or a merely administrative one

  • Moderator: Monserrat Esquerda – Director of Borja Institute of Bioethics of Barcelona
  • Speakers:
    • Dirk Lanzerath (Germany) – EUREC general secretary
    • Bernabe Robles (Spain)
    • Eugenijus Gefenas – Lithuanian Bioethics Committee (LBEC) and EUREC Vice Chair

15.45-16.15: Q&A

16.15-16.40: Coffee Break

16.45–18.15: Third Round Table “Research in vulnerable populations. The participation of children in the RECs.”  The Kids Barcelona

  • Moderator: Nuria Terribas (Grifols Foundation – Spain
  • Speakers:
    • Joana Claverol (SJD Foundation – Spain)
    • A child of Kids Barcelona Project
    • Pirkko Lepola (EMA – Finland)
    • Kate Harvey (Nuffield Council – UK)

18.15-18.30: Q & A

18.30-19.30: ANCEI Assembly-Only for members

20.00: Congress Dinner – Restaurant to be selected


Friday the 19th May 2017 

9.00-10.15: Fourth Round Table “Ethic problems in the clinical trials and use of medical devices. The example of fetal surgery” – What may bring the next European Regulation?

  • Moderator: Pablo Ferrer Salvans (Spain)
  • Speakers
    • Xavier Canals (Spain)
    • Eduard Gratacós – Saint John of God Hospital (Spain)
    • Joerg Hasford (Germany)
    • Saskia de Weerd-Hamer (Netherlands)

10.15-10.30: Q & A

10.30-10.45: Coffee Break

10.45–13.00: Fifth Session     Communications

  • Moderator: Coloma Moreno Quiroga (ANCEI)

*Toda la información para la presentación de resúmenes en “Normativa de presentación de resúmenes

13.00-13.40: Closing Lecture “The Future of RECs, perspectives and hopes.” Prof. Elmar Doppelfeld

14.00: Conclusions of the Conference.

Closing of the Conference

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El servicio de traducción simultánea ha sido patrocinado por los Laboratorios Esteve.